Deposit and Cancellation Policy

If you are already in Key West or looking for a reservation within 7 days please call @305-304-1181.

We have a 7 day (14 days for Weddings, holidays & special events) cancellation policy.

Please understand we have a limited number of seats on board. Unlike other charter company’s that have a fleet of boats or large passenger vessels,

filling seats due to a late cancellation is often not possible for us.

Your deposit is non refundable if you cancel within 7 day (14 days for Unions @ Sea, holidays & special events) of your charter date and are unable to reschedule for any reason.

If you need to cancel outside these guidelines your deposit may be refunded, less credit card processing fees.

If Captain Karen needs to cancel due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances and your trip cannot be rescheduled during your stay, your deposit will be refunded to you in full, less credit card processing fees.

To book a charter, make a payment, or ask a question, contact Captain Karen at 305-304-1181

Additional information that would be helpful to us would be; where you are staying, arrival date & cell# while you are in the Keys.

Thank you for choosing Venus Charters. We appreciate the opportunity to show you the best Key West has to offer!