Dolphin Watching

Did you know Key West has a vibrant and active dolphin population? We know where to find them! We head out of the marina in search for the most intelligent ocean dweller on Earth. We see them play and jump around. Dolphins will even swim off the bow of the boat, making for an amazing view.

Our trip is very flexible and is the perfect option for a group of up to six. Bring along some food and drinks and make a lunch of it.  We can stop for a swim or cast anchor by a private Key West beach on a nearby mangrove island.

Check out what the locals call Dolphin Playground Key West, where the dolphins go to feed and be social.  Add on some snorkeling and/or fishing to really cross an item off that list of Key West things to do.

Dolphin Watching Rates

Without Snorkeling
2 hours:  $300

With Snorkeling
3 hours:  $400

all prices include taxes