Snorkeling Key West Hideaways

What would a trip to our southernmost home be without getting out and seeing that Key West water?  Our environment and location make Key West one of the best places on Earth for snorkeling and diving.  This flexible trip allows you to see the best of the things you want in terms of marine life.

We can go out to the Atlantic Ocean and explore the Florida Reef, the only living coral barrier reef in the United States and the third largest in the world.

Or, we can head towards the Gulf of Mexico and explore the fascinating ecosystems of a mangrove island. These islands grow from nothing but seed pods adrift in the salty sea.  As the whole system grows, new life takes hold and the island attaches itself more and more securely.  These islands and surrounding areas have some breathtaking coral heads and sponge gardens that protect the multitude of sea life that live there. When people talk about Key West beaches, it’s the ones on these beautiful islands they’re talking about.

There is always something new and exciting happening each time we go out.  Anything from swimming with sea turtles to seeing baby birds, hanging under some coral heads with a lobster to being eye to eye with a Goliath grouper.

Our trips also can focus on dolphin watching, where we go find our mammalian cousins and watch them play. Or go fishing, too, and make it the full Key West water experience!

Snorkeling Rates

Up to six people
3 hours:  $400

all prices include taxes