Are you planning an engagement, wedding or vow renewal? The backdrop of a setting sun and gorgeous, clear blue water is the perfect ambience. We have two main options for our lovebirds, and it rests on the following questions: Do you want a small, intimate wedding on a Key West boat? Or, do you want an elegant evening with friends and family on a Key West beach?

What would a trip to our southernmost home be without getting out and seeing that Key West water? Our environment and location make Key West one of the best places on Earth for snorkeling and diving. This flexible trip allows you to see the best of the things you want in terms of marine life.

Whether you enjoy a peaceful, relaxing day in the sun out on the water, or you are a serious fisher looking to fight for the big one, Venus Charters has a fishing trip for you! With a variety of flexible options, we can build you the perfect trip. Go for just the morning or afternoon, a half-day fishing trip, or make it an all-day expedition.

Did you know Key West has a vibrant and active dolphin population? We know where to find them! We head out of the marina in search for the most intelligent ocean dweller on Earth. We see them play and jump around. Dolphins will even swim off the bow of the boat, making for an amazing view.

The Key West sunset is a sparkling spectacle best seen over the water. Every evening, our closest star puts on an incredible show, and every evening, we go out and celebrate it! The trip starts about an hour before sunset, and we head out of the marina in search of the best view.

Celebrate the life of a loved one on an enjoyable cruise around the Key West islands. As someone who has been exploring Key West’s waters for over 20 years, Captain Karen knows what it’s like to have the Florida Keys close to her heart. This same love and respect is given to the family and passengers aboard. photo (our croped) creditstorbakhopper

Get a little taste of everything on this trip showcasing the best things to do out on the Key West water. If there is only one trip you are thinking of going on, or if you only have one day to experience the Florida outdoors, this is the trip, an absolute Key West must do.