Venus Charters is a Key West boat excursion company that specializes in offering private charters that cater to the unique desires of each group.  We depart daily and are always ready for an adventure!

Our philosophy bases itself on providing you with the tour that fits what you want.  We have flexible departure times, trip lengths and activities. You could decide on anything from a simple hour-and-a-half sunset cruise to a half-day fishing trip to a full-day extravaganza of snorkeling, sunning, dolphin watching and fishing, or anything in between!

The sandy beach shoreline is see a few hundred feet off past the bright green-blue water of the Key West sandbars.

At Venus Charters, all charters are “private charters”.  We take up to six people for a trip they’ll remember the rest of their lives.  This isn’t the sardine-can party boat that packs as many as will fit; this is an intimate setting you can do with what you like.

We are the perfect host for small parties or family outings.  Our past cruises have consisted of everything from a clothing optional trip, snorkeling some patch reefs and tanning out on a sandy beach on a nearby mangrove island, to clandestine wedding proposals where everyone but the bride or groom-to-be was in the know (they said yes).

We’ll go out and find dolphins for a few hours, or do some light-tackle fishing in one of our many proven secret spots or “honey holes”.  If all you want is to see and explore mangroves with your dog Toto, then by all means—we run a pet friendly operation (although, for environmental reasons, we’ll probably ask that Toto not harm the vegetation).

Venus Charters also serves as a venue for weddings and parties.  This can work one of two ways:  if six is enough people for you, we can celebrate right on the boat! Have your wedding services during sunset out on the water. But if six isn’t enough, we can also organize ourselves a beach party!

These two snorkelers found some live sand dollars while snorkeling the coral heads and sponge gardens of Key West.

For those more solemn affairs, we can host a scattering ashes ceremony, a respectful burial at sea in celebration of the life of a loved one.

Your captain is Capt. Karen Luknis, a woman as diverse and interesting as the trips she runs.  Her 25+ years of local knowledge are what make Venus Charters stand out from all the other Key West boats. “The two main things are relaxation and fun. With my experience and capability you can relax knowing that I will bring you to areas that have the best conditions possible.” When not out working on her boat, Captain Karen spends her time with her beloved Boston terrier, Tyson. Karen is also a visual artist who has exhibited her assemblage art, abstract paintings, collage and acrylic dog portraits in local galleries around Key West. See her Facebook page ART by Karen Luknis for more details about her artwork.